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Introduction to UCS/R


UCS/R consists of a set of R libraries related to the visualisation of cooccurrence data and the evaluation of association measures. The current functionaliy includes: evaluation graphs for association measures (in terms of precision and recall), measures for inter-annotator agreement, and two population models for word frequency distributions.




UCS/R is initialised by sourceing the file ‘ucs.R’ in the ‘lib/’ subdirectory of the UCS/R directory tree. This will make the UCS/R documentation available in the R process and provide the ucs.library command, which is used to load individual UCS/R modules. Enter ucs.library() now to display a list of available modules (see the ucs.library manpage for details).

Currently, the following modules are available. The listing below also indicates the most important manpages for each module. Throughout the documentation, it is assumed that you are familiar with the UCS/Perl naming conventions and data set file format.

The command help(package=UCS) will give you a full index of available UCS/R help pages. Use help.search() for full-text search.


The correct source path for the file ‘ucs.R’ can be set automatically with the UCS/Perl tool ucs-config. Simply insert the statement

on a separate line in your R script file (say, ‘my-script.R’) and run the shell command
    ucs-config my-script.R


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See Also

ucs.library, the UCS/R tutorial (‘tutorial.R’ in the ‘script/’ subdirectory) and the UCS/Perl documentation.

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