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UCS Variable Names for Association Scores and Rankings (base)


These functions implement the UCS naming conventions for variables storing association scores and the corresponding ranking. is.valid.key checks whether a given string is valid as a name for an association measure. am.key2var translates a valid AM name into the corresponding variables (for scores or ranking), and am.var2key extracts the AM name from such a variable.


is.valid.key(key, warn=FALSE)

am.key2var(key, rank=FALSE)



key a character vector, giving the names of one or more association measures
var a character vector of variable names, which must be either association scores or rankings (but both types can be mixed in the vector)
warn if TRUE, issues a warning if the vector key contains invalid AM names. All invalid entries are listed in the warning message.
rank if TRUE, return names of the ranking variables corresponding to the specified association measures. otherwise, return names of variables for association scores.


is.valid.key returns a logical vector, am.var2key returns a list of AM names (“keys”), and am.key2var returns a list of variable names (either for association scores or rankings, depending on the rank parameter).

See Also

builtin.ams for information about built-in association measures, and the ucsfile manpage in UCS/Perl for a description of the UCS naming conventions (enter the shell command ucsdoc ucsfile).


am.key2var(c("t.score", "MI"), rank=TRUE)
am.var2key(c("am.t.score", "r.MI"))

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