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Precision/Recall Tables for the Evaluation of Association Measures (base)


A simple text-mode version of the precision/recall-based evaluation provided by the plots module. Returns a table of precision or recall values for a selected range of association measures on selected n-best lists. This is a preliminary version of the function - both interface and functionality may change in future releases.


evaluation.table(ds, keys, n, tp=ds$b.TP, recall=FALSE)


ds a UCS data set object, read in from a data set file with the read.ds.gz function. ds must contain rankings for the association measures listed in the keys parameter (use add.ranks to add such rankings to a data set object).
keys a character vector specifying the names of association measures to be evaluated. Each name may be abbreviated to prefix that must be unique within the measures annotated in ds. Use the ds.find.am function to obtain a list of measures annotated in the data set, and see the ucsam manpage in UCS/Perl for detailed information about the association measures supported by the UCS system (with the shell command ucsdoc ucsam).
n a vector of n-best sizes for which precision or recall values are computed
tp a logical vector indicating true positives, parallel to the rows of the data set ds. If tp is not specified, the data set must contain a variable named b.TP which is used instead.
recall if TRUE, returns table of recall values, otherwise table of precision values (default)


A data frame whose rows correspond to n-best lists. In addition to the column labelled n, which gives the n-best lists for which the evaluation was carried out, there is one column for each selected association measure. The column is labelled with the name of the measure and lists the corresponding precision or recall values, depending on the recall parameter.

See Also

evaluation.plot, precision.recall

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